The Creative Economy

Creative Ecologies:
Where Thinking is a Proper Job

Published by UQP and Transaction (USA)

How do we handle ideas and knowledge, both our own and other people's? What relationship to ideas do we want?" What is the relationship between our ideas, our networks and business? Creative Ecologies shows how our ability to develoop ideas successfully depends on how we use networks; for example, knowing when to collaborate, when to compete, and when to go it alone. 'Creative Ecologies was published by UQP in 2009 and has been translated into Chinese and Korean.

It identifies a new ecology of learning and thinking. It is holistic and radical and provocative, ranging over systems theory, emergent thinking in the arts and sciencies, and new ideas about dialogue and collaboration. Throughout, the focus is how people have ideas and how they can use ideas to develop, collaborate and adapt.

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