The Creative Economy

John Howkins

John Howkins first published his ideas on creativity and innovation in ‘The Creative Economy’ in 2001, revised 2013. His most recent book is, 'Creative Ecologies: Where Thinking is a Proper Job'.

He has worked in over 30 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, UK and USA, advising global corporations, international organisations, governments, and individuals. Plans for 2014 include China, Australia, USA, Korea, Russia and Brazil among others.

One of his major interests is the use of intellectual property laws to support the creative economy. He was the Founder and Director of the Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property. He devised the London Intellectual Property Advisory Service now called Own It.

His business career has been spent in TV, film, digital media and publishing.  He was associated with HBO and Time Warner from 1982 to 1996 with responsibilities for TV and broadcast businesses in Europe. He is a former Chairman of CREATEC, Tornado and BOP Consulting,

He is Deputy Chairman of the British Screen Advisory Council (BSAC). He is a Member of the United Nations UNDP Advisory Committee on the Creative Economy and a Council Member of the UK Arts and Humanties research Council (AHRC).  He is a former Chairman of the London Film School and is a former Executive Director of the International Institute of Communications (IIC).

He is Visiting Professor, City University, London, England, and Vice Dean and Visiting Professor, the Shanghai School of Creativity, Shanghai Theatre Academy, China.

His books include
‘Understanding Television’
‘Communications in China’
‘New Technologies, New Policies’
‘Four Global Scenarios for Information’
‘The Creative Economy’

He has a BA in International Relations (Keele University) and a AA (Dip) in Urban Design (Architectural Association).

E6 Albany
London, W1J 0AR
T 44 (20) 7434 1400
F 44 (870) 134 3268
Photograph by Judy Goldhill