The Creative Economy

The Creative Economy:
How People Make Money from Ideas

This comprehensive account of creativity and innovation was published by Penguin in 2001 and updated in 2007. A completely new edition was published by Penguin in 2013. It has been translated into 11 languages including Chinese, Korean, Russian and Arabic.

It starts with each person's individual creativity and explores emotions, art, work, business, online networks, intellectual property, and global trends.

Reviews include

"A valuable introduction to its brave new world." The Sunday Times

"The first really practical guide for people working in the creative industries." The Director

"John Howkins picks his way through the many facets of creativity, unearthing surprising facts." The Economist

"As a freelance writer I was hypnotised by this book's subtitle, How People Make Money from Ideas." The Guardian

"A point of reference for those seeking to merge creativity with business acumen." World Intellectual Property Organisation, WIPO

"This book became a bit of a bible for me in my work in the State Government?s Innovation Centre...because Howkins is saying that there is a creative spirit in us all and we can all participate in the fastest growing sectors in the economy globally."David Bartlett, MP, Australia

"A seminal book."Boston's Creative Economy, City of Boston

"Ideas, creativity, imagination and innovation make up the universe of the Creative Economy, a term fathered by media businessman John Howkins.Adolfo Menezes Melito, Director, Instituto da Economia Criativa, Sao Paolo

"Gives a panoramic view of the "copyright-industrial complex." Caslon, Canberra

"This book aroused interest across the media sector. Jargon-free and full of new insights."Innovaro, Amsterdam

"Mr Howkins is the guru of the creative economy."Chamber of Commerce, Seoul

"A really good read."New Media Knowledge (NMK), London

"Shows how the creative economy will be the dominant economic form for the 21st century."Marubeni Research Institute, Tokyo

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